Dark Boudoir Photography Gallery
Female bodies are made to be lit in a dark and sultry way – with light emphasising the curves and shape of a woman.  This kind of light is incredibly flattering for form and these images are not really portraits or very much ‘to camera’.   They suit strong blacks, whites and jewel colours – matched with sexy make-up and strong lips if that’s what you love. Female bodies are made to be lit to create curves and contours and the lighting is incredibly flattering. Pro Exposure Boudoir Photography's dark styled boudoir shoots are all about sexy, sensual and strong. Lets celebrate the incredible beauty of the female form.
Light Boudoir Photography Gallery
Most women love light and softly lit photography and for boudoir sessions this means a soft, feminine and a low contrast palette.   This style is great for a vintage style boudoir photoshoot.  You should style your look by focusing on whites, creams and very soft pinks and pastels combined with fresh and natural hair and make-up. This kind of lighting is very youthful but isn’t the most flattering for form so you may want to layer with oversize shirts, jumpers, cardies or a simple sheet. If you are looking at the boudoir galleries thinking ‘they are models or I can’t look like that’ you are wrong. All of the women on featured in our galleries here are just like you. A woman with a story to tell and they are so proud of their images that they were happy for us to share them. 
Boudoir Photography Styles
We love the concept that a boudoir a session can explore two very different sides of a woman visually and using the concept of light and dark styled shoots we can embrace these.  The resulting images are very different and require a different approach to lighting, posing and styling.   You don’t have to choose between them as many clients opt for a mix of these but you may also have a preference for only one style for your boudoir images.  If you are wondering what to bring to a boudoir photo shoot please read my blog post for some advice and tips.  Have a look through both galleries for boudoir shoot inspiration and ideas.
Tailored Boudoir Photoshoot
SO WHAT ARE TAILORED BOUDOIR PHOTOSHOOTS? It is pretty simple really if you have an idea or a theme that you would like to base your photoshoot around or a particular hotel that has great memories for you then we can work together and collaborate to try an include these ideas in a photoshoot.   . We have had movie themed ideas from 50 Shades of Grey to Star Wars . We have had themes including pets to be included in a photoshoot. .We have photographed women in hotels, homes, holiday homes and more. So if you have an idea or want a boudoir photoshoot tailored to you let us know and we can work with you around these. 
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