What is bridal boudoir?
A bridal boudoir shoot is the most perfect wedding gift to give your soul mate on the eve before your wedding. I have seen the incredible confidence transformation that it can give to brides to be and Valentine Weddings​​​​​​​. 
A wedding boudoir photography shoot is a fun and amazing experience sot here are a few reasons why you should consider investing in bridal boudoir photos:
• You can surprise your partner with a boudoir album or stunning slideshow the night before the wedding. Giving them a preview of your wedding lingerie is a wonderful intimate moment for you to share with your partner on the day knowing that you both are the only ones to know your secret. It will also be the greatest wedding gift you can give yourself because in addition to beautiful images you will also have an enormous confidence boost.
• You will have been working to look fabulous on your big day and after months of planning and pampering  and what better way to showcase your wedding lingerie and those amazing shoes that you have spent hours searching for. 
• Bridal boudoir outfits often include stunning wedding robes, veils and even your wedding dress if you wish.
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