Boudoir Photography FAQs
Where are you based?
We are based in Bedfordshire (not far from Milton Keynes, Luton and Dunstable) and shoot most of our boudoir from our studio.
How long will the shoot take?
Our boudoir photoshoots generally last between 1-3 hours depending on the package selected. We will work at your pace though so time scales will vary from person to person.
How do I book you?
Contact us by email or the contact form and we will get in touch with you to get you booked in for your shoot. We require a £20 non-refundable booking fee and the balance payment one week before the shoot date.   You can move a shoot if you have problem with the booked date.  
Is hair and makeup included?
No it hair and makeup isn't included we have removed this from our list of supplied services as most of our clients have great hair and makeup skills these days. If you require hair and makeup please let us know at the time of your booking and we can discuss the available options.
Do you edit the images?
With so much skin on show during our boudoir photoshoots editing images is so important to us. We will make sure that any semi-permanent blemishes are removed but we won’t change anything about you in terms of shape and size. We use posing, our lighting knowledge and photography to make you look your best not post editing.
When and how many images will I receive?
You can expect to see your images in around 2 weeks from your shoot date. We upload them into a password protected gallery for your viewing. How many images will depend on the package chosen. 
What should I bring with me?
We will discuss your photoshoot with you at the time of booking and the style of photoshoot that you like the sounds of. At this point we can guide you as to what works well and then the rest is down to your personal preference. Some women have more lingerie than others and some women wear none at all. Or your shoot may be based around a comfortable baggy jumper, cardigan, shirt or your favourite latex corset. There is no perfect one size fits all as to what to bring so we work closely with you to get the right selection for you and what matters more is that it feels right for you. 
I am really nervous at the thought of a shoot...
Most of our clients feel like this and it is our job to direct you 100% of the way.  We work with you to warm up and get used to the lighting and set but you will be surprised at how quickly you relax and start to enjoy your shoot. Let us know if you like a certain type of music as that can help the mood in the studio as well. 
Will my images go on your website?
Once we have supplied you with your images we will ask you if we can share some through our social media and website. There is no pressure to say yes and we are happy either way but we love sharing our shoots with others so we have to ask.
Do you retain the copyright?
We grant you a full lifetime usage license for your images which is what you need but we will retain the copyright to them. 
Do I get colour and Black and White Photos?
We shoot digital RAW files which we then edit ourselves. Each image gets looked at and we chose a style that would suit that image the best in our opinion so some will be colour and some will be black and white. Some photos we just can't decide and will edit them in both colour and black and white. 
How long do you keep my images?
We achieve each photoshoot and store them for 4 years.
Do I get low resolution and high resolution photos?
Yes we provide images in both 72ppi and 300ppi formats so ideal for emailing, displaying on your computer, tablet etc. and the 300ppi files are ideal for printing and wall art. 
Boudoir photography session by Pro Exposure Boudoir Photography of a woman laying on a sofa facing upwards towards the camera in our boudoir photography studio in Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire.
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